Easy access to the new features built

Size: 10.00 MB
License: Freeware
Price: USD
Category: System Utilities / Others
Operating System: Windows Vista
Developer: Steve Sinchak Media LLC
TweakVista Description:
TweakVista allows easy access to the new features built into Windows Vista, formerly known as Windows Codename Longhorn.

Please extract the files to a fresh directory that does not contain a previous build of TweakVista (or it will complain about .NET versions).

On the DWM tab, you can unleash the powers of the Display Window Manager, Windows Vista's fresh new user interface.

The Envionment tab allows you to view and customize environment variables.

The Search tab customizes the search engines available to IE7 and lets you add your own.

The UAP tab can be used to modify some of the prompts Vista displays when various actions attempt to execute on the system. For instance, you can enable a prompt for authorized credentials when performing a protected action.

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Click to download TweakVista Download Now
Click here to download TweakVista

Click to download TweakVista Download Now
Click here to download TweakVista
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