Total Shield Tracks Cleaner
   Erase online and offline traces and protect privacy.

Size: MB
License: Shareware
Price: 29.95 USD
Category: Security & Privacy / Security Tools
Operating System: Windows 98/2000/2003/XP
Developer: Total Shield
Total Shield Tracks Cleaner Description:
Every second you surf various web sites or simply working offline you leave invisible traces showing to everyone what sites you visited and what files you opened, people you emailed, photo or video you saw. Total Shield Tracks Cleaner is a professional software solution for cleaning up all online and offline tracks or evidences of your actions kept by Windows, Internet browser and multiple third-party programs. Total Shield Tracks Cleaner is the reliable privacy shield for your PC washing up any traces and evidences of your actions. Program erases all traces left by the programs. Program includes complete privacy keeping toolkit: track eraser, privacy keeper and evidence cleaner for all popular web browsers, Windows tracks and temporary files, more than 200 third-party programs. Total Shield Tracks Cleaner erases traces using Government-strength removal techniques and additional plug-ins for better security and privacy protection. It completely erases and cleans up the browser history, cache, cookies, typed URLs, auto-complete list, saved passwords, index.dat files, e-mail history for major web browsers, Windows temporary files. You can clean up the traces for more than 200 third-party programs including popular ICQ, MSN, AOL,Yahoo! Messengers, Google Toolbar, KaZaA Media Desktop, Microsoft Office, Outlook Express, Opera and much more. In addition, you can manually create, manage and run custom tasks.



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Click to download Total Shield Tracks Cleaner Download Now
Click here to download Total Shield Tracks Cleaner

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Click to download Total Shield Tracks Cleaner Download Now
Click here to download Total Shield Tracks Cleaner
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