Unlimited File Transfer without 3rd party

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Category: Internet / Network Utilities
Operating System: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista
Developer: eTouchWare Inc.
Tirminal Description:
eTouchWare?s Patent Pending application called; Tirminal (www.tirminal.com), represents a new age in file transfer applications. Tirminal is a windows application that provides its users with the option to send any size file and any volume of transfers to anyone on the internet ? without requiring the recipient to install Tirminal themselves.
Simon Grunfeld, Director of Business Development states:? We?re re-writing the way that the online file transfer market is going- we?ve developed a new platform for data transfer which allows anyone with a PC to send/receive files, stream video and audio, and share your desktop live with anyone that can receive a hyperlink from you."

Features in Tirminal include:

Unlimited File Transfer
256 Bit Encryption on file transfers.
Fastest available file transfer platform available in the market Today.
Streaming Media and Shared Desktop ability
Local Website Hosting



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Click to download Tirminal Download Now
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Click to download Tirminal Download Now
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