Fast file search and Recent Documents utility with full text search & replace

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License: Shareware
Price: 19.95 USD
Category: System Utilities / File Management
Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP
Developer: Davallia Technology
QuickOpen Description:
QuickOpen brings a much improved, highly configurable "Recent Documents" factility to windows with "Recent folders" and "Recent programs". Also provides fast file searching with text search & replace, saved searches, template documents, file erase, and much more.

Recent Documents.
QuickOpen brings a much improved "Recent Documents" facility to windows. Set the number of recent documents to keep and display in an Explorer-like window. QuickOpen handles files with same name in different folders. Other features include "History" view, sort by any attribute, and specify file types to keep in the Recent Documents list. Manage multiple user Recent Documents lists.

Document Views
As well as "Recent Documents" QuickOpen provides other views into your files: "Last Search", "Template documents", "Recent folders", saved searches, other users "Recent Documents", and "History".

Document Functions
In addition to the regular Explorer functions, you can "Save Copy as", "Save as template", "Insert [filename] into dialog", "Insert as compressed file", "Move", or permanently erase a file.

Fast file search/replace
Fast file search provides very fast complex file searches over predefined file sets. File searches are conducted over file sets called "Search Domains". Specify once only the groups of files to search, naming the fileset, and future searches will always know exactly were to look. After performing a search you can specify a name for instant retrieval at a later time. You can also specify whether to make it available for you only or all users. Full text search & replace allows complex multiple search/replace strings to operate at once over a file domain, with many options. QuickOpen does not require bulky indexed databases or other software. It has a very light footprint on the system.

Document Templates.
Choose "Save as template" from the Document menu to create a template document from any existing file. Specify whether to make it available for you only

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