Easy to use home budgeting, and IOUs

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Developer: ISDigital
OnBudget Description:

OnBudget can help you stay in control of your household finances. You can track your expenses, categorize them, and budget for them. Expense categories can be shared by members of your household, automatically generating IOUs to the appropriate people as expenses are entered. OnBudget has everything you need to stay in control of your money, without drowning you in unnecessary features.

Track Expenses, IOUs
Receipts are entered using a familiar check-like user interface into one of the categories you create to track each expense type you have. Expense categories can be assigned owners, each with a percentage of responsibility for the expense. IOU's are automatically generated as expenses are entered. For example, if Brent and Sally both split their housing costs 50%/50%, and Sally pays the bill with her money, an IOU for half the bill is generated from Brent to Sally.

Instant Snapshot Reports

The snapshot reports instantly show you the bottom line. Snapshot reports are available for a general overview, and each person also has their own personal snapshot report.

Try it for free

You can try OnBudget for free by downloading the trial version. The trial version is limited to 100 transactions.



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Click to download OnBudget Download Now
Click here to download OnBudget

Click to download OnBudget Download Now
Click here to download OnBudget
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