A Powerful Multi-Lang Fax on PPC which can Send/Receive Fax through gsm and cell

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License: Freeware
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Category: Business & Finance / Applications
Operating System: Windows
Developer: Samtechnc
MFaxCE Description:
A software which let you send, receive and manage fax on a mobile device using Microsoft Window CE OS. MFaxCE will turn your PocketPC to a most powerful wireless fax machine in the world which can transfer your fax through GSM module or mobile phone; manage all your faxes including sent, received and deleted faxes; remark and sign on the fax; create a personalized coverpage and ......


MFaxCE 1.8 New Features:

1. Retry all possible modem automatically to send fax, this is helpful for user who is innocent of which modem to ues.
2. List possibly available modem by name for user to select.
3. Deluxe Pocket Outlook contact list which let the user select recipients easily.
4. Write Fax contents directly in the New Fax Wizard.

MFaxCE Basic Features:

1. Sending and receiving fax via GSM module or connection to your mobile phone through IRDA/Bluetooth
2. Is compatible with the most popular mobile phone including Nokia, Sony&Ericsson, Moto and Samsung.
3. Fully support fax class 1, 2, 2.0.
4. Txt2Tif function can transfer a batch of Text file to Tif.
5. Txt2Tif function not only support english character but also support simplified and traditional Chinese Character in Text file.
6. Txt2Tif is a highly optimized module, it can convert a size of 200K txt file in 50 seconds while some competitors in market take above 20 mins.
7. Support user-defined coverpage with company/persional information and logo integration.
8. View fax, remark and sign on fax with our FaxEditor.
9. "WonderView" technology produce a much better zoom view of fax.
10. Manage the fax document in 3 different folder(Sent/Received/Deleted).
11. Outlook-liked integrated management Interface supporting remove/copy/move/resend/foward operation to fax documents.
12. Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English UI are all integrated into MFaxCE and easy to be switch.


MFaxCE can be easily porting to mobile phone system. MFaxCE can be integrated to a enterprise fax server to create a excellent mobile and money-saving fax solution.


Sale and Support : - for most recent information regarding licensing costs and options. - for technical support.



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Click to download MFaxCE Download Now
Click here to download MFaxCE

Click to download MFaxCE Download Now
Click here to download MFaxCE
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