IwantSoft Advanced Organizer
   Advanced Organizer - the most powerful and handy organizer you have seen before

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License: Freeware
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Category: Business & Finance / Personal Info Managers
Operating System: 9x
Developer: IwantSoft
IwantSoft Advanced Organizer Description:
Advanced Organizer - is the most powerful and handy organizer you have seen before. It contains 9 program sections: Address Book, Projects, Appointments (reminder, starter etc.), Passwords, Notes and Planners (day planner, week planner, work week planner, and month planner). That's all you need to bring your life in order :) You can protect the organizer database by password, make it invisible, use different media in your records and much more!

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Click to download IwantSoft Advanced Organizer Download Now
Click here to download IwantSoft Advanced Organizer

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Click to download IwantSoft Advanced Organizer Download Now
Click here to download IwantSoft Advanced Organizer
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