A general hex editor and patterns analyzer.

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License: Shareware
Price: 28 USD
Category: Programming & Software Development / Editors & Tools
Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP
Developer: Hexprobe System
Hexprobe Description:
Hexprobe is a general-service hex editor, particularly helpful in the areas of hex bytes editing, data patterns analysis, for examples: IT security. Key Features are:
1.Presents and interprets data according to the most essential conditions for looking up the patterns and for classifying the clues.
2.Includes two useful utilities: Data Interpretation Object and Multibyte Hexadecimal Calculator.
3.Has many functions for you to edit hex bytes, such as: insert and overwrite modes, special copy and paste, column-mode editing, unlimited undo/redo level, quickly undo/redo.
4.Possess of basic data searching functions, including: selection, position-setting, find, replacement, mark, and association.
5.Supports hex bytes vague find, conditional bookmark, and bookmark associations.
6.Supports asynchronous process; WYSIWYG effect output; HTML online help, etc.



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Click to download Hexprobe Download Now
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Click to download Hexprobe Download Now
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