FosiX Lite
   Fosi is tool to visualize directory size

Size: 2.21 MB
License: Freeware
Price: USD
Category: System Utilities / File Management
Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP
Developer: (Hermann Hehn) HushPage
FosiX Lite Description:
FosiX is a tool designed to visualize the folder size on your hard disk with the purpose to gain additional space.
It creates a virtual size tree which can be accessed via chart graphic or size explorer.
You can browse through and manage those folders by the visual chart elements representing folder size.

You can scan the entire hard disk, save and load the size tree and update while you are working.
You can export the graphs, to an image or export the size tree to excel, html etc.

Fosi also provides a "size ranking" list let you find those big ones in one glipse,
Keep your hard disk slim because Fosi finds and eliminate temp files on your hard disk
Fosi cleans your desktop by finding broken shortcuts.
Regain space and clean internet traces with the Fosi web cleaner



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Click to download FosiX Lite Download Now
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Click to download FosiX Lite Download Now
Click here to download FosiX Lite
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