Creates and restores drive images

Size: 0.63 MB
License: Freeware
Price: USD
Category: System Utilities / Backup & Restore
Operating System: Windows XP
Developer: Lexun Freeware
DrvImagerXP Description:
DrvImagerXP creates and restores drive images of FAT32 and NTFS partitions for the Windows2000/XP operating systems.

It makes backups of your partitions, but does not copy file-by-file, it doesn't know anything about files!. It creates a mirror image (but not reversed) of a partition by coping the sector bytes on the partition. And it does this very fast! You can create images of different operating system setups and swap them out in just minutes!

For example, you can install XP on partition C:, then use it for a few days, setting all your options, installing your favorite programs with their options, etc. Now that you have the perfect system, you can use DrvImagerXP to create an image of your C: drive, and if you have other partitions (D:, E:, etc) you can create images of those too. Later, when you feel you would like a fresh system, restore the images and your system will be identical, in every respect, to the way it was when you created the images.

You can create setups with completely different operating systems and swap them out at will in minutes! It does the same thing as commercial programs costing $60-$70, but it's free, and updates are just a click away!

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Click to download DrvImagerXP Download Now
Click here to download DrvImagerXP

Click to download DrvImagerXP Download Now
Click here to download DrvImagerXP
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