DataBase Data Recovery by Unistal
   Data recovery software QR for Database

Size: 2.30 MB
License: Shareware
Price: $94 USD
Category: System Utilities / File Management
Operating System: Windows 98/2000/2003/XP
Developer: Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd.
DataBase Data Recovery by Unistal Description:
QR for Dbase is a non-destructive, simple and easy to use data recovery software, supports all types of media viz. EIDE, IDE/ATA, WDC, SCSI, iSCSI, SATA, PATA, Micro Drives, DigitalMedia, etc., having all versions of DBF (Data Base File) FoxBase, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, dBASE III, dBASE IV, dBASE 5 for DOS, dBASE 5 for Windows etc., support, multi-disk and multi-lingual support, simulates previously existing partitions and is read-only i.e. the program will never attempt to write to the drive to recover. Its unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETch) helps in locating files and folders, by doing a complete scan of all sectors to locate and extract the database structures and records, lost behind overwritten partitions and even if bad sectors hinder drive access. An exhaustive scan of the drive is performed to locate lost data. If data gets lost due to virus attack, bad sector, disk crash, accidental files/folders deletion, accidental formatting and creating different file system, missing Operating System or software failure, lost partition, missing drives, registry corruptions, .dbf file corruption, etc., cause a business disaster then Quick Recovery is the best solution to rescue because it recovers/repairs almost all recovery cases encountered since 1994.

Its features include:

? Repair Corrupt Database (*.dbf) files.
? Extract contents from corrupt Database files
? Recovers table, structure and data
? Recover Deleted .dbf files.
? Repair Database files even if they are not opening.
? Supports Dbase, Foxpro, custom developed applications.
? Recovers deleted DBF files from crashed and formatted HDD.
? Repairs Corrupt DBF table.
? Repair .DBF files with memo or binary data fields stored in DBT files.
? Support for batch repairing of DBF files.



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File Size:2.30 MB
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Click to download DataBase Data Recovery by Unistal Download Now
Click here to download DataBase Data Recovery by Unistal

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Click to download DataBase Data Recovery by Unistal Download Now
Click here to download DataBase Data Recovery by Unistal
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