Terminal emulation using Com port or Telnet

Size: 0.16 MB
License: Commercial
Price: $29.95 USD
Category: Internet / Network Utilities
Operating System: Windows 98/2000/2003/XP
Developer: Creative Communication Consultant
cox_term.exe Description:
Terminal emulation using Com port and/or Telnet interfaces. Allows multiple instances. Provides limited scripting capabilties. Connection and Disconnection functions are only active when available. Modem selection can be accomplished automatically via the Find Modem command in the Modem Sub-Menu. Display options such as Font Size, Text Style, Text Color, Background Color, Local Echo are selectable via Pull Down Menus. This is a fully functional program with a 30 day evaluation period. Choosing "Register" in the Pull Down Menu will return you to this page at any time to purchase the program.



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Click to download cox_term.exe Download Now
Click here to download cox_term.exe

Click to download cox_term.exe Download Now
Click here to download cox_term.exe
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