Charmed and Gonzo Heads
   Charmed is a shape-matching game.

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Category: Games / Puzzle
Operating System: Windows
Charmed and Gonzo Heads Description:
Charmed is a shape-matching game. You must match sets of three charms that share two out of three of the same characteristics. Each round gets faster but you score more on each match. Make a mistake and you're out. If you love Balloon Kaboom you will love Gonzo Heads even more! Match the same color or kind of block to clear the board. Slaves are at your command! Multiply your score up to 26 times. Fast-paced action is teamed with driving music and sound effects.



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Click to download Charmed and Gonzo Heads Download Now
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Click to download Charmed and Gonzo Heads Download Now
Click here to download Charmed and Gonzo Heads
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